Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sagbayan Peak Bohol

After a tiresome and demanding work, its time to take a break and have some fresh air. It is so refreshing to be in a place far away from pollution, buildings and ofcourse work. Sagbayan Peak in Bohol is a great place to unwind and clear your mind from impurities of your daily routine in the city life. It is where you set aside everything and think nothing but nature.

As cold breeze of air touches your skin, you will feel something different that only a mountain resort can offer. The air offers some sort of strength to get rid of your problems for a while and have your self focused on the very nice overlooking views like the array of small mountains referred to as the famous Chocolate Hills. I am very proud of my self for seeing the world-known natural wonder personally and of course its my first time.

Ofcourse, Sagbayan Peak provides amenities and playground for the "kids" to play. From animal miniatures to castles and shoe slide. A great place to have the "kids" enjoy and give time for family bonding as well.

Indeed the place was great and enjoyable and you will really crave to go back. And actually its always getting into my mind as to when can I go back there again.

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