Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In the Wilderness...

Emptiness filled me as i am standing in the middle of this wilderness. Silence is deafening. This sound-absorbing space really works well as I can't hear my own breath or even my heartbeat. But of course I know I am still alive because I can feel it beating. The darkness from where I am standing had forced me to open my eyes even more wider hoping to see some sight. But to no avail. I continue to walk going somewhere. Maybe going nowhere. I am walking at a fast pace. After a long while i can feel that my steps are getting heavier. I am breathing much faster. I am tired already and out of water. I can feel the dryness in my throat. I'm tired and thirsty. I could not bear it anymore. I fall on my knees. Trying to gain more strength to continue walking. I tried to stand and walk again, but to no avail. I fall on my back. Catching my breath. Its totally dark now. I remained in this position for a while until I heard some tiny sounds.

Yeah. I am not mistaken. I heard tiny sounds. I think they are bats. I hope so. But for me, its a good sign. Atleast I am not alone in this place. I immediately stood up and started running. Finding where the sounds came from. I am feeling lucky. I see figures ahead in the partially-lit horizon. There is a light out there. I keep on running towards the light. The figures are getting bigger and clearer. Its trees. Oh its a forest. The sound is getting louder. The sound is coming from the forest. Everything is getting clearer as I am nearing the tree line.

To be continued...


  1. wow..the narration and description is perfect bray...unsa ni sha? padung ni novel? hahahaha! ,mao diay la naka nangaway ha ky na busy na diay ka ani ha..hehehehe!